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Carolina Connection- Nov. 16, 2019

Some of UNC’s older buildings lack accessible entrances for people with disabilities, and university officials say it’s not easy to bring them up to date. Two professors are developing an app to help get UNC Hosptial pediatric patients out of bed. A new business on Franklin St. mixes coffee, chocolate, and books. Local middle-schoolers are trying to fight climate change by encouraging people to turn off their engines while waiting in the carpool lane. A campus Moviefest gave students a week to produce short films. All-nighters are common for students who are cramming for exams, but they may not be an effective way to study.

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CarolinaCast: Transgender Issues at UNC

Leaving for college can be difficult for many students, but it can be more complicated for transgender students. UNC doesn not offer gender-neutral housing on campus. David Saff and Patrick Rosemond talk about the struggles members of the LGBTQ+ community face at UNC