Saturday December 20th 2014

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Media sues UNC for names of employees disciplined in scandal

Ten media organizations are suing UNC for withholding names of employees involved in the academic scandal. [Read More]

Folt discusses campus safety, sexual assault

Chancellor Folt talks about the student safety at UNC, as well as the new sexual assault policy UNC implemented earlier this semester. [Read More]

UNC receives $100 million donation

Pharmaceutical magnate Dr. Fred Eshelman's $100 million donation will be used to fund projects at the School of Pharmacy. [Read More]

UNC reacts to Brown, Garner deaths

Along with protesters nationwide, some UNC students are voicing their concerns over alleged police brutality against African Americans. [Read More]

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NC researchers map sweet potato genome to fight hunger in Africa

The Gates Foundation has given $12.4 million to NC State to help breed a better sweet potato for Sub-Saharan Africa. [Read More]

Police crack down on jaywalking

Police are looking for jaywalkers on Chapel Hill's streets, and if they catch you, you might have to pay a fine. [Read More]

Meditation helps some relieve stress

The practice of meditating, while foreign to many, can be an effective way to relieve stress and focus on the positive. [Read More]

Students use crowdsourcing to fund projects

Crowdsourcing, or raising money online, is a popular way for students to raise money on the campus of UNC for their various activities. [Read More]

Students celebrate a unique Thanksgiving in Chapel Hill

Students unable to return home for Thanksgiving come together for "Friendsgiving," a Thanksgiving meal with friends. [Read More]


Womens lacrosse team prepares for season

Two years after winning the national championship, the team begins its 2015 season in January. [Read More]

Bilas says NCAA may sanction UNC

ESPN college sports analyst Jay Bilas says UNC may face punishment in the ongoing NCAA investigation. [Read More]

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Students protest police violence. UNC receives its largest donation in history. Media organizations sue UNC to learn which employees were disciplined or fired in the academic scandal. Sweet potatoes may help relieve hunger in Africa. [Read More]

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UNC faces new questions about the academic scandal from its accrediting agency. Chancellor Folt discusses the scandal's fallout. A lawsuit claims UNC discriminates against white and Asian students. Students start a new Thanksgiving tradition. [Read More]

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UNC waits to hear if its accreditation will be affected by the fraud scandal. For some students, the web is fraught with threats and harassment. Sleeping with your phone can make for a restless night. Students open a food bank for their classmates. [Read More]

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College-aged voters showed little interest in this week's midterm elections. College athletes often struggle to fit academics into their busy practice schedules. A town ordinance forces some UNC students out of their homes. [Read More]

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