Saturday August 29th 2015

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After 29 years, Teaching Fellows ends

The program encouraged thousands of college students to take jobs as teachers in North Carolina schools. [Read More]

UNC trying to keep students on campus

Many upperclassmen opt to move off-campus, but UNC is making moves to draw students back to campus. [Read More]

Local Cubans excited about diplomatic changes

A policy of isolation over 50 years old between the United States and Cuba has ended, and diplomatic relations are beginning once again. [Read More]

New employment center serves day laborers

El Centro Hispano opened a center in Carrboro that aims to connect prospective employees with workers. [Read More]

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Parkton holds car show to honor local resident

A small N.C. town does more than grant a dying man his last wish of riding in a classic car. Instead, they held a car show in honor. [Read More]

Seniors reflect on their time at UNC

With graduation eight days away, the Class of 2015 looks to the future. [Read More]

UNC-TV program changes to fit new digital world

After 21 years on air, UNC-TV is streamlining and updating its nightly program, "North Carolina Now." [Read More]

Thrill City will close its doors

The student-founded Franklin Street clothing store is closing at the end of this month [Read More]

Getting clean energy by getting a little dirty

One landfill in Catawba County converts the methane given off from trash into usable energy. [Read More]


Why don’t women play baseball?

Women haven’t always played softball exclusively. Baseball leaders of the early 20th century rid America of a women [Read More]

Tough loss leads to thoughts of next season

With several returning players, fans are thinking ahead to next basketball season. But the team isn't looking ahead yet. [Read More]

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Entire program – May 2, 2015

North Carolina ends a program that encouraged students to become schoolteachers. Students protest an FDA policy that limits blood donations from gay men. A new Carrboro center helps Latino day laborers. Seniors reflect on their time at UNC. [Read More]

Entire program – Apr. 18, 2015

Students rally for a higher minimum wage -- and for better salaries for adjunct professors. Three local students will appear on "Shark Tank" to promote a lotion for sweaty hands. A popular end-of-year drinking game raises concerns. [Read More]

Entire program – Apr. 11, 2015

The state seeks the death penalty against the alleged shooter in the Finley Forest killings. A new documentary focuses on sexual assault at UNC and other colleges. The university faces another whistleblower suit. Why do men play baseball, while [Read More]

Entire program – Apr. 4, 2015

UNC continues to mourn the three victims of February's shooting, as the accused gunman is scheduled to appear in court. A legislative proposal would require professors to teach more. Spring weather lures students away from the classroom. [Read More]