Sunday February 1st 2015

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Students march for hall name change

Dozens of UNC students marched from the Pit to the Silent Sam monument Friday with a simple message to the university: rename Saunders Hall. [Read More]

Contextual grading debated at UNC

After five years of research, UNC continues to review adding things like class percentile rankings and the size of classes to transcripts. [Read More]

Free tanning beds raise concerns

Some Town Council members question whether free tanning beds in Chapel Hill apartment complexes endanger residents’ safety. [Read More]

Carrboro police use new drug to reverse overdose

The Carrboro Police Department became the first in the state to save a life using the drug Naloxone. [Read More]

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App helps students better enjoy UNC

A student has created an app that contributes to the senior class project and helps students make the most of their time at UNC. [Read More]

UNC LGBTQ community celebrates Ally Appreciation Week

Local businesses offer discounts to people who publicly support UNC’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Center. [Read More]

Theater meets fundraising goal

The Varsity theater raised $50,000 on Kickstarter to buy a new digital projector. [Read More]

Composting program expands in UNC dorms

Students are being asked to compost their scraps, rather than throw them in the trash. [Read More]

NC researchers map sweet potato genome to fight hunger in Africa

The Gates Foundation has given $12.4 million to NC State to help breed a better sweet potato for Sub-Saharan Africa. [Read More]


UNC honors female athletes

National Women in Sports Day celebrates females involved in athletics. [Read More]

Kenan Stadium field gets facelift

Crews have dug up the entire length of the football field to install a new storm water pipe. [Read More]

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Students rally to change the name of a campus building named for an 19th century white supremacist. Town leaders worry about the health risks of free tanning beds. Carrboro's police force becomes the first in NC to use medication to reverse a drug [Read More]

Entire program – Jan. 24, 2015

Faculty members press for answers after UNC President Tom Ross is forced out of his job. The academic scandal sparks an accreditation review. UNC's online MBA program is named the nation's best. A fundraising campaign saves the Varsity theater. [Read More]

Entire program – Dec. 6, 2014

Students protest police violence. UNC receives its largest donation in history. Media organizations sue UNC to learn which employees were disciplined or fired in the academic scandal. Sweet potatoes may help relieve hunger in Africa. [Read More]

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UNC faces new questions about the academic scandal from its accrediting agency. Chancellor Folt discusses the scandal's fallout. A lawsuit claims UNC discriminates against white and Asian students. Students start a new Thanksgiving tradition. [Read More]

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