Thursday October 23rd 2014

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McCrory seeks ‘healing’ after ruling

In a Carolina Connection interview, the Governor said he'll implement the order that allowed same-sex marriage, though he disagrees with it. [Read More]

Gov. McCrory speaks at University Day

As Gov. Pat McCrory speaks at University Day, some faculty are skeptical about his ideas on higher education. [Read More]

Climate change debate shifts focus

Concern about climate change has sparked activism from students and others, but policy change is moving slowly. [Read More]

Towing law continues to confuse

Chapel Hill and Carrboro recently were forced to update their towing ordinances, removing clauses that some residents wish were kept in. [Read More]

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WHUP to launch as a unique local music station

A new community radio station hopes to launch in Hillsborough, promising a blend of unique and local music. [Read More]

Students see Fall Break as a chance to serve others

While some students see Fall Break as a chance to relax, others see it as a chance to give back to society through community service. [Read More]

New app helps people learn new languages

The app Duolingo allows people to learn a language just by pressing download. But can it effectively co-exist with classroom learning? [Read More]

Theater group addresses difficult subjects

Interactive Theatre Carolina helps addresses issues such as sexual assault, depression, and suicide. [Read More]

Chapel Hill sees substantial growth

Over the past 20 years, Chapel HIll has grown dramatically from a small university town into a bustling part of the Research Triangle. [Read More]


Hicks excited about new season

Soft-spoken sophomore forward, Isaiah Hicks hopes to increase his role in his second season under Roy Williams. [Read More]

Football has positive impact on local businesses

The multi-billion dollar pro football industry benefits local businesses that rely on its popularity to stay profitable. [Read More]

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Entire program – Oct. 11, 2014

As Gov. McCrory comes to campus for University Day, some question his commitment to higher education. The unrest in Hong Kong affects UNC students. Local towing laws remain controversial. A new radio station hopes to feature local live music. [Read More]

Entire program – Oct. 4, 2014

Prosecutors drop charges against a former UNC athletic tutor, but the long-running academic scandal continues. First Amendment scholars question UNC's social media rules for athletes. A study finds some college students are addicted to their phones. [Read More]

Entire program – Sep. 27, 2014

North Carolina's low teacher salaries have led some education students to rethink their majors. A UNC doctor helps fight Ebola in Guinea. Carrboro considers allowing more residents to raise chickens. "Beatmaking" helps change people's lives. [Read More]

Entire program – Sept. 20, 2014

Fake IDs are ubiquitous at Chapel Hill bars, but law enforcement agencies are working to stop underage students from using them.The last residents may soon be able to move into the long-delayed Lux Apartments. Local gamers compete in eSports. [Read More]

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