CarolinaCast: Cowboy Churches

One of the fastest growing trends in religion mixes Christ with cattle. They’re called cowboy churches and according to one fellowship group, more than 200 are now operating around the United States. Annabeth Poe reported the story for Carolina Connection and joins us to talk about what she found at one church in Siler City that’s putting its unique brand on Christian worship.


CarolinaCast: Haitian Communities in North Carolina

It’s been 10 years since a magnitude-7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti. After the quake, many survivors took advantage of a program that allowed them to come to the United States to find work and rebuild their lives. More than 1,500 of those Haitian refugees settled in the eastern North Carolina town of Mount Olive, but now, the Trump administration may force them to leave.


CarolinaCast: The Daily Tar Heel Sues the Board of Governors

The Daily Tar Heel has filed a legal complaint against UNC’s Board of Governors. The paper is claiming the board violated the N.C. Open Meetings Law when it approved a settlement with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In the settlement, UNC agreed to give the Silent Sam Confederate Monument to the group along with $2.5 million in a trust for the statue’s preservation. In a separate agreement, the Board paid the group $74,999 in exchange for them agreeing to limit campus protests.


CarolinaCast: Mold at UNC

On this edition of the CarolinaCast, we discuss the health effects of exposure to mold. Jackson Lanier and Ben Rappaport hear from medical professionals and from a student who says she lived with mold in her dorm.


CarolinaCast: Transgender Issues at UNC

Leaving for college can be difficult for many students, but it can be more complicated for transgender students. UNC doesn not offer gender-neutral housing on campus. David Saff and Patrick Rosemond talk about the struggles members of the LGBTQ+ community face at UNC


CarolinaCast: After fouling out at the NCAA Championship, Jill Shippee was supported by the Carolina community

UNC track and field athlete Jill Shippee went from being one of the top throwers in the NCAA to dead last. During the first round of the NCAA, Shippeefouled out and was disqualified. 

In this podcast, Jill talks about how she got into throwing, what led her to UNC, what happened at the NCAA, and how the community of student athletes on campus helped her get over her loss.

This season, she is working to put the past behind her and regain her championship status.