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Carolina Connection – Feb. 25, 2023

UNC housekeepers are demanding better pay after they received a raise last year that they’re calling “disrespectful.” Some students say they would avoid rooming with somebody who doesn’t share their political views. UNC researchers are learning more about traumatic lung injuries associated with vaping. Bus driver shortages leave elementary through high school students without a reliable way to get to school. UNC grads go back to high school to help underrepresented students on their paths to college.


CarolinaCast: Recent initiatives aim to reduce inequality in Chapel Hill’s housing market

One of Chapel Hill’s most consistent problems is a lack of affordable housing for students and residents alike. But it’s not a new issue. In this edition of CarolinaCast, Will Christensen and Lorelai Sykes discuss the history of racial discrimination in the housing market and recent initiatives to make housing more inclusive in the area

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Carolina Connection – Feb. 11, 2023

The Republican-controlled N.C. Senate passed a controversial bill related to parental influence over gender, sexuality, and the public school curriculum. Chapel Hill’s Turkish community raises money after catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. UNC makes mental health care more convenient. Artificial intelligence blurs the line between the work of students and computers. UNC’s new women’s field hockey team reflects on her first week. Hundreds of runners wolfed down donuts for the annual Krispy Kreme challenge.