Tuesday April 21st 2015


Getting clean energy by getting a little dirty

One landfill in Catawba County converts the methane given off from trash into usable energy. [Read More]

Students dive in ‘Shark Tank’ to fund product for sweaty hands

A group of UNC and Duke students will appear on "Shark Tank" to raise money for an antiperspirant for hands. [Read More]

Cidery goes online to seek funds

The owner of Bull City Cidery is using crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to save his business. [Read More]

‘Bar golf’ game popular, but raises binge drinking concern

The popular game encourages students to drink at nine bars in one night. [Read More]

Carolina Jubilee returns with much excitement

The Carolina Union Activities Board is holding a special event tonight: a concert with hip-hop due Rae Sremmurd. [Read More]

UNC student balances academics and musical aspirations

UNC student Holland Gallagher is more than meets the eye, as he also produces music under the name Gentleman Contender. [Read More]

Relishing in the moment

Relishing in the moment

A Raleigh hot dog joint has been serving up great food for almost 30 years. [Read More]

Bar attracts crowds with old games

Bar attracts crowds with old games

Ms. PacMan, Donkey Kong, and Frogger are among the attractions at Baxter Bar & Arcade, a new downtown business. [Read More]

Students soak up weather as spring arrives in Chapel Hill

As temperatures rise, some students are finding it hard to stay interested in classes. [Read More]

Artists rediscover on vinyl in digital world

Though vinyl records aren't nearly as popular as they once were, one shop in Carrboro allows people to make their own. [Read More]

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