Saturday November 29th 2014


Students celebrate a unique Thanksgiving in Chapel Hill

Students unable to return home for Thanksgiving come together for "Friendsgiving," a Thanksgiving meal with friends. [Read More]

A phone for every finger: Students embrace tech gadgets

Just about everybody has a cell phone nowadays, but some UNC students pride themselves on owning a lot more than one. [Read More]

UNC PhD student accomplishes dream

UNC PhD student accomplishes dream

Ché Smith may still be working on her dissertation, but she’s already achieved one of her life goals, becoming a contestant on "Jeopardy!". [Read More]

New food pantry aims to end student hunger

Students have formed a food pantry on campus to help their classmates who can't afford meals. [Read More]

‘No Shave November’ grows more popular

A lot of men at UNC have a new fall tradition. They go through a whole month without shaving. [Read More]

Berliners commemorate fall of the Wall

On the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall, German residents share their memories of reunification. [Read More]

Old games give Rams Head retro feel

Old games give Rams Head retro feel

When you think of fun, you may not think of a college dining hall. But UNC is adding some spice to the dining experience with video games. [Read More]

Finding enjoyment in a unique art form

One Chapel Hill resident sees break dancing as an art form that has impacted his life. [Read More]

Orange County looks at starting a food council

Orange County hopes to join a growing list of municipalities that have food councils, which aim to improve food production. [Read More]

Furry pals help solve crimes

Furry pals help solve crimes

Both the Chapel Hill and UNC police departments have K-9s that can sniff out suspects and drugs. [Read More]

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