Monday March 30th 2015


Artists rediscover on vinyl in digital world

Though vinyl records aren't nearly as popular as they once were, one shop in Carrboro allows people to make their own. [Read More]

Ben and Jerry’s comes to the Pit

Carolina Dining Services has partnered with the ice cream shop to add UNC's first long-term food kiosk to the center of campus. [Read More]

As megachurches grow, traditional churches shrink

Smaller traditional churches are losing younger members to large megachurches like Elevation Church in the Charlotte area. [Read More]

Sorority raises breast cancer awareness with 5K

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority hosted its annual 5k run to raise money for breast cancer research. [Read More]

Duo carries out Deah’s mission

Duo carries out Deah’s mission

Two members of the UNC family are traveling throughout the Middle East in an effort to improve the lives of those less fortunate. [Read More]

Students get down at Dance Marathon

Students get down at Dance Marathon

At the 17th annual UNC Dance Marathon, students stayed up all night to raise money for UNC Hospital. [Read More]

UNC students share advice with rising freshmen

UNC students offer advice to their younger siblings who have recently been accepted into the Carolina class of 2019. [Read More]

Robot aide helps student attend class

Robot aide helps student attend class

A student undergoing cancer treatment uses technology to attend classes remotely. [Read More]

Campus pantry has little traffic, packed shelves

Carolina Cupboard has collected a lot of food for needy students, but so far, there have been only a few takers. [Read More]

Discovery could make major impact on genetic research

UNC researchers discover that mammals inherit more DNA from their dads than from their moms. [Read More]

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