UNC tunnels mysterious, dangerous

by Charlie Shelton

Tunnels like this one on UNCs campus attract adventure-seeking students. But university officials say exploring the tunnels is both illegal and dangerous. [Photo by Charlie Shelton]

Under UNC’s campus lies a series of storm drain pipes, used to collect rainwater and prevent flooding. To some UNC students… this piping system is a new frontier waiting to be explored. But with danger lurking around every corner,  is it safe to venture into this dark abyss?

Charlie Shelton digs deeper into this underground mystery.

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  1. Please take note that these stormwater drains are considered OSHA confined spaces and are not allowed to be entered without certification and permitting. Under no circumstances should the general public be entering these pipes. In the event of a sudden rainstorm, the pipes will fill unbelievably fast, and rushing water could cause severe injury or death. Please contact UNC EHS for more information: http://ehs.unc.edu/ .

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