UNC students celebrate last day of class alongside parent volunteers

By Elijah Imlay

A pin from 2022 Senior Week celebrations (Elijah Imlay/Carolina Connection)

UNC students celebrated their last day of classes Wednesday before finals. To ease students’ nerves, a group of parent volunteers gathered on campus to shower them with love, food, smiles and support. 

Elijah Imlay has more.


  1. Thank you Elijah for continuing to cover our rallies and putting together such wonderful stories for the listeners. Special thanks to our wonderful admins Nicole, Kärin, Mary Beth, and Stephanie for helping to plan the event. The parents on the UNC pages that donates monies. Camyrn Kellogg of @Ollies Great Bakery, Alex of @Brandwein’s Bagels of Carborro, and Justin of @Dominoes Pizza UNC Carborro. Also, parent volunteers that came and their pups. We love our UNC students. They are the BEST!!

  2. Great event and great coverage! The efforts of Linda and her fellow admins in maintaining the group are wonderful and the events are downright heroic. It has brought such comfort to us as out of state parents and my daughter has truly appreciated the goodies! My goal is to participate in one of these next year beyond sending money!

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