CarolinaCast: The bizarre rise and fall of Coursicle – a course planning app founded by a UNC grad

By Sierra Pfeifer and Jayda Williams

Joe Puccio, who graduated from UNC in 2016, co-founded Coursicle as a student. Since then, he has expanded the reach of the course planning tool to around 900 universities.

Until recently, that all Coursicle was: a scheduling service.

In February, though, Coursicle app users began receiving push notifications that said things like “Twitter dies today” or asked for nude photos of the actress Zendaya. Then, the whole website was replaced. At one point, it displayed a large photo of Mark Zuckerberg with a vulgar insult.

At first, many users thought Coursicle had been hacked, but Puccio soon admitted he was the one responsible.

Carolina Connection’s Sierra Pfeifer talked with Puccio, and she discusses the story with Jayda Williams.

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