A series of crimes near campus is raising questions about student safety

By Patsy Montesinos, Jackson Lanier, Savannah Norris, and Brian Keyes

The suspect in the Shortbread Lofts sexual assault investigation was photographed by a Franklin St. security camera on the night of the alleged assault. Police have not identified him. (Town of Chapel Hill)

Some recent crimes around campus have left many UNC students fearful. It started with a report of a sexual assault outside a Rosemary Street apartment complex. Then, there was an attempted break-in at a North Street sorority and a report of students being harassed by a stranger outside Davis Library. No arrests have been made in any of the cases.

On this week’s Carolina Connection, we report on the series of alleged crimes, which all targeted women.

  • Patsy Montisinos reports on the reaction from students and UNC leaders.
  • Jackson Lanier reports on how some students are trying to protect themselves.
  • Savannah Norris and Brian Keyes examine the potential dangers to late-night workers at downtown Chapel Hill businesses.


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