Emu loose in Orange County for more than two months

By Anna Grace Freebersyser

A resident snapped this picture of the loose emu between Chatham and Orange County. (Orange County Animal Services via CNN)

This summer some Orange County residents may not have been surprised to hear a peck at their door. Yes, a peck. An emu has been showing up in backyards and has successfully evaded capture for months. But Orange County Animal Services is finally closing in on the feathery fugitive.

Anna Grace Freebersyser has more. 


  1. This was a great emuan interest story. Well done Ms. Freebersyser. I liked the sound effects and I had no idea that first, this flightless bird would be so hard to capture and second, that they were dangerous, though I have heard that swans, which are much smaller, can whup our human butts.

  2. Outstanding journalism? Is there any evidence that Liberty Mutual insurance company is behind the rogue emu?

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