Herbal substance Kratom stirs up controversy

By Isaac Rosso Klakovich

Krave’s lounge in Carrboro gives patrons a place to relax while they drink their tea (Isaac Rosso Klakovich/Carolina Connection).

The herbal substance Kratom is growing in popularity as a medicinal and recreational drug. The FDA says that Kratom is dangerous and addictive, but new research suggests it may have a role in treating medical conditions.

Isaac Rosso Klakovich has more.

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  1. Kratom is not dangerous, it’s not hard to figure out who the fda has they’re best interest for ( pharma???) Kratom does not get you high. It does provide some energy and pain relief. I’ve been consuming kratom for almost 3 yrs now and have never been healthiest 54 yes of age. It’s full of antioxidants and has many other beneficial alkaloids in the leaf. Don’t fall for fda’s propaganda

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