Herbal substance Kratom stirs up controversy

By Isaac Rosso Klakovich

Krave’s lounge in Carrboro gives patrons a place to relax while they drink their tea (Isaac Rosso Klakovich/Carolina Connection).

The herbal substance Kratom is growing in popularity as a medicinal and recreational drug. The FDA says that Kratom is dangerous and addictive, but new research suggests it may have a role in treating medical conditions.

Isaac Rosso Klakovich has more.


  1. Kratom is not dangerous, it’s not hard to figure out who the fda has they’re best interest for ( pharma???) Kratom does not get you high. It does provide some energy and pain relief. I’ve been consuming kratom for almost 3 yrs now and have never been healthiest 54 yes of age. It’s full of antioxidants and has many other beneficial alkaloids in the leaf. Don’t fall for fda’s propaganda

  2. Kratom heals hearts, minds, and souls. It’s been used for centuries for a magnitude of purposes in SE Asia and is slowing finding its place in Western culture. It is a shame that lobbying pharma companies are trying to take down such an amazing alternative

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