Syrian refugee now feels discrimination in North Carolina

By Maggie Blunk 

Zubair Rushk is a student at UNC. But prior to college, he fled to the U.S. from Syria as a refugee in 2004. He did so after being imprisoned for teaching Kurdish students out of his home, despite laws prohibiting Kurds from practicing their language or culture.

Rushk is now a U.S. citizen, but he still faces discrimination in the Triangle, a community he has come to call home.

Maggie Blunk has his story.

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  1. Thank you Maggie Blunk for the excellent interview.
    What we are seeing is the beginning not of a new administration, but of the Inquisition. I am not surprised. I am not shocked. This is the kind of effect this “President” wants to make.
    My heart is sad for Zubair however. I know him personally, as he has helped Refugee support teams with interpreting. Zubair does not need this kind of confusion and meddling in his already precarious life. We know him to be a kind, sincere person.
    I actually also feel sad for the neighbor, who thinks he’s being patriotic by calling in the FBI. That’s one sorry person.

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