After fatal crash, some students more careful about drinking and driving

By Jessa O’Connor

Former U-N-C student Chandler Kania went on trial this week for murder,.after a crash on Interstate 85 last year that killed two women and a child in another vehicle. Kania had been drinking underage at bars in downtown Chapel Hill prior to the crash.

Monday, he pleaded guilty to felony death by vehicle and driving under the influence, among other charges. But Kania pleaded not-guilty to second-degree murder and reckless driving, and is on trial for those charges.

The two bars where Kania drank that night were both punished by state alcohol regulators. He’s Not Here was forced to close for a month. But they’re back in business now, and it’s not clear weather the Kania case has done much to change students’ drinking habits.

Jessa O’Connor reports.

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