Botanical Garden saves seeds for future conservation

by Liz Schlemmer


Today is the South Carolina Republican Primary. And a new study proves just how important the college vote will be in this election. The Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA surveyed nearly one hundred and fifty thousand full-time, first-year students from across the country. The survey found that interest in political and civic engagement has reached the highest levels since the study began 50 years ago. I’m joined on the phone by Dr. Kevin Eagan, the managing director for the study. (Photo courtesy of Liz Schlemmer)
Workers with the North Carolina Botanical Garden collects seeds from as far away as Maryland for the Seeds of Success project. The purpose is to save seeds to plant in the wake of natural disasters. (Photo by Liz Schlemmer)


After a hurricane, there’s a lot of damage to houses and roadways. But one thing you might not think about is the damage to native plant species. Members of the North Carolina Botanical Garden’s conservation department are working to save seeds, so they’ll be available to replant and repopulate.

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