What is the history of Silent Sam?

by Jessica Coates

Silent Sam has been under intense scrutiny. Last weekend, students and community organizers gathered to defend their ideas about the statue on campus. Some want it to fall, while others want it to remain standing.

This week, we take a look at the history of this controversial monument.

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  1. If a statue was erected at UNC-CH for all the students who fought/died in the Vietnam War, there would probably be many who would oppose the statue because they personally opposed the war itself and many even demonstrated against it.

    They would bring politics into discussion and totally forget that the statue was dedicated to those who fought.

    You can say it over and over again to these anti-Sam critics but they cannot or refuse to hear it. Silent Sam represents the 321 who died and the students who fought. You leave all the politics out of the equation because this statue is dedicated to their courageous answer to the call of duty. Most didn’t turn tail and run off to Canada like some did during the Vietnam War.

    Silent Sam is dedicated to the students and alumni and not to the poli-sci department.

    Wake up.

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