Willingham book details fraud scandal

by Stephanie Beckett

UNC Academic Advisor Mary Willingham says she's been harassed and threatened since she went public with her concerns about the academic performance of college athletes. (Photo from CNN Newsource)
UNC academic scandal whistleblower Mary Willingham’s new book, “Cheated,” will detail what Willingham calls the fraudulent inner-workings of UNC, the stigma surrounding student athletes and what to do to make that stigma go away. (Photo from CNN Newsource)

Mary Willingham has become a household name both in Chapel Hill and nationwide. Since she became one of the loudest critics of UNC during the academic scandal, the former academic counselor has settled her lawsuit with the University. On top of that, she’s published a book about the entire situation.

Our Stephanie Beckett had the opportunity to sit down with Willingham.


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