Walker across U.S. visits Chapel Hill

by Mark Haywood

George Throop

In the fall of 2009, George Throop left his home in Vancouver, Washington to begin what he thought would be a nine month walk across America. He first walked south through California to Santa Monica Beach. Then he cut across the southern part of the US, crossing through the plains of Texas and the Deep South until he reached Pensacola Florida. Then he headed North.

Along the way, he endured scorching heat, sub-freezing temperatures, and brutal rainstorms.

Three years and more than four thousand miles later, Throop is making his way Chapel Hill. He’s on the last leg of his journey, hoping to reach Washington D.C. by spring.

Throop says he walks to encourage people to dream big while promoting healthy and active lifestyles. When he reaches D.C., he says he hopes to be able to stop by 16 hundred Pennsylvania Avenue for a chat with First Lady Michelle Obama about her Let’s Move campaign.

Even if he doesn’t get to rub shoulders with the First Family, he says his journey will have been a success.

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