Laptops barred from some UNC classrooms

By Ashley Fernandez

It’s our final show of the semester, which means classes are finished, and we’re in the middle of exams.

While some students can simply look up the date of a lecture on their computer, others have to thumb through a semester’s worth of handwritten notebook pages to study. That’s because some UNC professors no longer allow students to bring computers or other electronic devices to class. UNC’s MBA program doesn’t go that far, but it’s recently put in place a rule that allows students to use tablet devices, but not laptops.

The reason for these rules is that some professors feel laptop screens make it harder to see their students, and of course, they don’t want students to succumb to the temptations of shoe shopping, watching Saturday Night Live skits, and checking their email.  Ashley Fernandez reports on the return of pencils and paper in the classroom.


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