UNC wants no part of Rush Limbaugh

By Michael Tomsic

UNC is asking 106.1 WRDU-FM in Raleigh not to promote Rush Limbaugh’s radio show during Tar Heel sports broadcasts. The university also is asking that Tar Heel sports not be promoted during Limbaugh’s show. UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp said that’s because Limbaugh’s comments a few weeks ago about a Georgetown law student were “offensive and inappropriate.”

Limbaugh called Georgetown’s Sandra Fluke “a slut” and “a prostitute” after she testified to Congress in favor of a national health care policy that would make Catholic universities cover birth control as part of their student health plans.

Since those comments, many businesses have pulled their advertisements from Limbaugh’s show, and Thorp said a lot of faculty members have raised concerns about UNC sports airing on the same station as the show.

“We do understand why people are upset, so a compromise that (UNC) athletics was able to work out was that the radio station would avoid promoting Carolina sports during Rush Limbaugh’s show, and vice versa,” Thorp said.

WRDU-FM calls itself “Rush Radio” and runs a schedule that consists primarily of conservative political talk shows.

Listen to Thorp’s interview with Carolina Connection’s Michael Tomsic below:


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