What it takes to be a mascot

By Alletta Cooper

A Rameses hopeful was stopped for a photo on his way to the center of campus. From left sophmore Theresa Darveaux, sophmore Jordan Gomez, Rameses, sophomore Kasi Wahlers, and first year Anna Roberson. Photo courtesy Jordan Gomez.

There’s a side of Tar Heel sports that isn’t often thought of, the mascot Rameses. He’s the guy in the Ram costume who high-fives you at football games and dominates Facebook photos.  He even hugs and sometimes scares small children and pretends to fight Duke fans. He’s the embodiment of the Tar Heel spirit.

What Carolina fans may not know is that there is more than one face behind the mask. Try three or four. And each year the veteran Rameses find the next generation of mascots. This year they’re looking for two new members and tryouts were rigorous.

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