UNC graduate swept up in spirit of Egyptian demonstrations

By Reema Khrais

On the 12th day of massive demonstrations in Egypt, UNC graduate Daniel Thornton follows the chaotic scene closely from England. He wants to rejoin the uprising as soon as he can.

He took to the streets alongside hundreds of thousands of Egyptians during the first seven days of protests – ignoring curfews, grinding the country to a halt, and demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

The protests started out peacefully. Thornton says they somewhat reminded him of when Egypt’s soccer team won the African Cup.

But violence erupted when President Mubarak’s supporters faced off with protesters as this week went on. Although that violence quieted yesterday, the protesters remain locked in a standoff with Mubarak’s government.

Amid that scene, Carolina Connection’s Reema Khrais brings us perspectives from Thornton and his friend, both of whom have witnessed the demonstrations and their effects from the ground in Egypt. 

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