A fatal car wreck led to 10 alcohol arrests. But has anything changed for underage drinkers at UNC?

Still Life is one of two Chapel Hill businesses that police have connected to the car crash that killed a UNC student in January. Employees of Still Life and Might As Well face charges of providing alcohol to underage people. (Chapelboro.com)

Early on January 21, UNC sophomore Molly Rotunda was killed in a car crash on Highway 54. Rotunda was in the car along with two other people, who both survived the crash. Police say the car was traveling 120 miles per hour when the driver, sophomore Flemeeja Beatrice Brewer, lost control. Police have charged Brewer with driving while impaired, and a state Alcohol Law Enforcement investigation concluded that Rotunda and Brewer were served alcohol at multiple Chapel Hill bars, even though both were underage.

A 2022 National Institute of Health study found that 5.8 million people younger than 21 said they drank “more than a few sips” of alcohol in the past month.

And as Carolina Connection’s Noah Powell found, many underage UNC students have put some work into figuring out how – and where – they can get away with drinking.


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