Students seek to bring attention to the war in Sudan, which has killed thousands and displaced millions

A U.S. Navy ship evacuates American citizens and others from Sudan after the outbreak of civil war in the nation last year. (U.S. Department of Defense)

Sudan is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. It’s been almost a year since civil war erupted after decades of conflict between the Sudanese Armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces. The violence has led to mass killings, displacement, and what the U.S. government calls “reports of widespread sexual violence and killings based on ethnicity.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, what is happening in Sudan has been greatly under reported. That’s why UNC’s CJAA, the Community Justice, Abolition, and Anti Racism collective, planned a Sudan Week last week. It included opportunities for the UNC community to engage with Sudanese culture, learn about the crisis and war, and donate to charities supporting humanitarian efforts.

We’re joined by Shuhud Mustafa, an executive member of CJAA. She spearheaded the action week.


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