North Carolina’s first ‘Safe Parking Site’ creates space for homeless people in cars

Cars park in Greensboro’s first “Safe Parking Site” behind the Interactive Resource Center. A colorful mural on one of the building’s brick walls says “Housing is a Human Right.”  (Sierra Pfeifer / Carolina Connection)

The City of Greensboro has opened the state’s first “Safe Parking Site” for homeless people. It’s intended to be a place where anyone can stay in their cars for free overnight or during the day, without being hassled and asked to move.

Sierra Pfeifer has more.


  1. I think that is so awesome. I live in NC and we need one of those things to happen around here in NC. There are so many homeless people everywhere and a lot of them didn’t ask to be in that situation but it does happen. So God Bless Each And Everyone Of Them and God Bless The one’s Helping Those People. God Bless America ❤️

  2. Good job Greensboro homelessness is no joke and having a safe place to be with your family n dogs while living in your car is hard to find trust me me and my family were in this position last summer and there was no one that helped quite the opposite I lost my job for sleeping in the hotel parking lot where I worked

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