UNC student turns his OCD into a musical

By Ava Pukatch

When Gian Gibboney walks from place to place, the pattern of his steps is affected by changes in the pattern of the walking surface. As the pattern changes, he steps with his left foot. “The way OCD compulsions work is that they’re usually tied to some sort of obsession that causes anxiety,” Gibboney said. Photo by Daniela Rodriguez / UNC Media Hub.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – commonly known as OCD – is often depicted in television as the need to clean or organize. But not everyone with OCD has those compulsions. OCD can affect what people think and even the way they walk – and that’s not always depicted in the entertainment industry. One UNC student with OCD decided to change that. He wrote a musical to represent others like him. 

Ava Pukatch reports.

Gian Gibboney poses with a plaque celebrating his musical.  (Daniela Rodriguez / UNC Media Hub)

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