What is love? People in Chapel Hill say there’s more to it than meets the eye

What is love? Haddaway said it meant that baby wouldn’t hurt me. The Beatles said it’s all you need – but didn’t define what that meant. Because love is messy, fleeting, and hard to find, its definition is hard to pin down.

Carolina Connection asked several people in Chapel Hill what love means to them.



TALUM BARRETT: Hi, my name is Talum Barrett, I’m a junior at UNC, and to me love is spending time with the people that I care about. 

ISIS RIVERA: Hi, my name is Isis Rivera, and, love to me is protecting and defending somebody you care about, at all costs. And love to me is making sacrifices to be with that person. 

JOSH WAYHAB: I’m Josh Wayhab, and to me love is unconditional support and care. I don’t think it has to be romantic, and it doesn’t have to be necessarily between family either, it can certainly be between friends, but I think it comes from a place of kindness and care.

LAURA HICKS: My name is Laura Hicks. I think there’s a part of me that thinks love is…farting, in front of each other. (LAUGHS). I also feel like it’s creating space for deep and true belonging and I think farting in front of each other is a part of that. 


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