UNC forms review committees after a Confederate supporter carried a gun on campus

By Annabeth Poe, Patsy Montesinos, and Payton Tysinger

UNC Interim Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz has formed a committee to review an incident on campus last weekend. Last Saturday, a member of a Confederate group openly carried a gun onto the university campus.

It was a part of a small protest over the removal of Silent Sam, the Confederate monument that used to be on McCorkle Place. UNC Police approached the man in front of Memorial Hall and asked him to leave campus.

While he did leave peacefully, many people were upset he wasn’t arrested for violating the state law that bans firearms on campus.

In a statement, Guskiewicz said he’s forming an assessment team to review what happened last Saturday. He’s also forming a commission on community safety, including building relationships with campus police.  Guskiewicz also said he plans to meet with campus groups to talk about racism, equity, and inclusion on campus.

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