Critics say voter ID law is ‘pushback against younger voters’

By Jessica Snouwaert

Critics say a voter ID amendment on this year’s ballot could make it harder for students to vote. Backers say it’s needed to prevent voter fraud (Carolina Connection)

On the ballot this November is a constitutional amendment that would require North Carolinians to present a photo ID before voting. Critics worry that this could negatively impact student voters if passed, but proponents argue it upholds voter integrity.

In an earlier attempt to pass a voter ID law, which was thrown out by the courts, the legislature excluded student IDs and out-of-state drivers licenses for most voters. 

But the language of this version of the amendment on the ballot is vague. While it requires IDs, it doesn’t specify which will be valid to vote. If passed, the state legislature would decide that after the election — during a November 27th special session. 

Jessica Snouwaert has the story.

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