Hollywood professionals return to NC hometown to deliver screams and education

By Andie Rea

According to its website, The Original Hollywood Horror show is the largest haunted attraction in North Carolina (Andie Rea/Carolina Connection).

According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, 21% of Halloween enthusiasts will pay to be spooked at a haunted attraction this season.

In North Carolina, there are more than 100 ticketed halloween events — one of which is produced by Hollywood professionals. The Original Hollywood Horror

Show in Snow Camp is open every night until November 3.

Andie Rea reports.

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  1. This particular haunt is pretty spectacular.I may add that we have been to the several of the bigger “haunts” in the NC, who all profess to be the largest, however those house are not indoors. Although we do enjoy a spooky walk in the woods, it is entirely a different experience. This was in fact the “largest indoor haunt” in NC. ” They even made the wait in line a “haunted experience” A highly recommended must see attraction.

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