Asperger’s Syndrome surrounded by misconceptions

By Keaton Eberly

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Abraham Lincoln. Albert Einstein.  What do all of these influential historical figures have in common?  They have all been speculated to have symptoms associated with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism.

April is autism awareness month, and a lot of people have many misconceptions over this learning disability.

So what exactly is Asperger’s? Reflecting from his own experiences, Keaton Eberly has the answer.

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  1. It was so heart-warming to hear Keaton’s voice. I know he struggled as a young man in middle school, but he was always aware of his Asperger disability and worked very hard to overcome the challenges he faced. I can see and hear him now in the plays he did in middle school which was a very big deal, performing in front of a large crowd. He was a tremendous young man and I am glad he is doing well and is successful.

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