Accused murderer Hicks still awaiting trial three years after arrest

By Jay Siebold

Craig Stephen Hicks listens as prosecutors detail their case against him in 2015. (Taylor McCain/Carolina Connection)

On this day in 2015, the Muslims were shot and killed in their Chapel Hill townhouse. Deah Barakat was attending UNC’s Dental School at the time and his wife, Yusor Abu-Salha was about to enroll there. Her sister, Razan, was a design student at N.C. State.

As the families of the victims remember their lost loved ones., prosecutors are preparing a case against accused gunman Craig Hicks.

He’s been waiting for a trial for three years now, and it might seem like a long time. But it’s not unusual in a case like this.

Here to provide some context is Colon Willoughby. He’s a partner at McGuireWoods law firm in Raleigh. He was also the Wake County District Attorney for nearly thirty years.


  1. I don’t know how it can be rationalized that “a parking dispute” is a plausible explanation for a triple homicide. Neither do I understand how this is downplayed and not described as a hate crime, but for the racist double standard. If a Muslim shouts people in cold blood, he’s a terrorist before any facts are ascertained. When 3 Muslim students are brutally executed in their own home, it’s not a hate crime, it’s a parking disputes. This is egregious. Is it customary to murder one’s neighbors over parking in Chapell Hill? Something tells me no, it’s definitely not. I’m sick over this story.

    • What I can say to you is yes it’s plausible that these murders could be over parking. My simple answer is some people are just crazy. I’ve seen someone murdered over a nickel before. But I must admit that the religious and ethnic elements had to be a factor in this man’s psyche. Would he had responded in this way if these young people were white? I don’t think he would.

      • “Would he had responded in this way if these young people were white? I don’t think he would.”

        HE might have, but the media probably would have paid a lot more attention to a self-proclaimed “militant atheist” murdering 3 white Christians.

    • Hi Tulasi, I am currently doing research on this case and other instances of hate crimes against Muslims, would you be willing to speak with me about your opinion?

  2. I am a Middle Schooler who is researching this very case about whether or not was a parking dispute or a hate crime for social studies, and my evidence concludes that this was a parking dispute

    • Research further Razan. The “parking space” may have been his excuse many times to go to their door, but not this day and surely not to execute three people.

  3. The Internet: a place where people read for 20 minutes and then assert their expert mind-reading abilities to tell you what a murder was actually thinking. Let’s get rid of the courts! We have “internet commenters” here to do the job instead!

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