With DACA’s future uncertain, UNC discusses how to support recipients

By Rachel Bridges

UNC has formed a team to discuss how to support students and other people affected by DACA. Earlier this month President Trump ordered an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but now he says he’ll make a deal with Democrats to preserve it. The program allows undocumented youth to stay in the U-S if they were brought here as children.

Immigration attorney Raúl Pinto says the uncertainty of DACA’s future is having a negative effect on its recipients, such as one young woman he spoke with.

Pinto spoke at a panel Monday to discuss the implications of the President’s order.

At the meeting, UNC Executive Vice Provost Ron Strauss said the resource team will be part of the university’s response. It’s scheduled to hold its first major meeting in December.


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