Spellings, Folt express opposition to new law

Protesters flooded Franklin St. Tuesday night, calling for the repeal of North Carolina's new law that preempts local non-discrimination ordinances.
Protesters flooded Franklin St. March 29, calling for the repeal of the new law. For the first time, UNC officials are now speaking out as well. (Photo by Jess O’Connor/Carolina Connection)

For the first time, UNC officials are making a strong statement of opposition to House Bill 2. The new law overturns local non-discrimination ordinances and requires people to use the public bathroom matching the gender identification on their birth certificate.

Late Friday, Chancellor Carol Folt said in a written statement that the university will strive to remain inclusive while complying with the law.

Meanwhile, UNC System President Margaret Spellings spoke out in a conference call with reporters yesterday. Spellings said the law sends a chill through the system and hurts faculty, staff and student recruitment. She says she’s talking with legislators about her concerns over the law.

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