Saturday November 28th 2015

Heritage crafts featured at Fair exhibit

By Brittany Haile

The North Carolina state fair ended last week. As usual, fair-goers enjoyed the absurd amount of fried food, games, and rides. But there’s one exhibit that some consider a hidden gem – even though it’s been around for 60 years. Reporter Brittany Hail takes us through the Village of Yesteryear.

2 Comments for “Heritage crafts featured at Fair exhibit”

  • Deborah Desmarais says:

    Great work Britt! Don’t forget I knew you at the beginning. Your grandfather would love this piece, hunting or not, ducks are now your emblem, a part of your story…

    So good to hear you doing what you love.


    Aunt Deborah

  • Vicki Parker says:

    Wonderful job! I could practically see the exhibit from your description!

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