After years of addiction, UNC students find a place to call home

By Jay Siebold

Senior Peter Yodzis lives on campus in Recovery House—a portion of UNC’s Joyner Residence Hall designed for students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. (Jay Siebold/Carolina Connection)

College can be a challenge for young people in recovery from substance abuse. It’s not just the stress of papers and tests—it’s living with people who use drugs and alcohol, where a relapse can be as easy as a stroll down the dorm hallway.

UNC offers alternative living options for these at-risk students. More than just a change in scenery, they aim to provide a sense of safety and community for the students who use them.

Jay Siebold reports.

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  1. Jay, I had no idea that such facilities were available at the College. I am so impressed and thankful that students have this opportunity to live in a protected area and have people that share their experience and can be an encouragement to one another. Great reporting on thIs Jay! I’m proud of you!!

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