Friday October 31st 2014

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Charges against UNC tutor dropped

Orange County district attorney Jim Woodall dropped criminal charges against former UNC tutor Jennifer Wiley Thompson. [Read More]

Social media policy guides student atheletes

UNC restricts what its student athletes can say -- or tweet -- on social media. But legal scholars see some potential problems. [Read More]

Can smartphone use lead to addiction?

Cell phones are everywhere, and researchers at Baylor University say some college students are addicted to their phones. [Read More]

Salaries discourage some from seeking, keeping teaching jobs

This summer, N.C. teachers received a pay increase. But low salaries are making some UNC education majors reconsider their careers. [Read More]

UNC doctor discusses Ebola fight

UNC doctor discusses Ebola fight

Dr, William Fischer briefed UNC leaders on his harrowing efforts to help Ebola patients in Guinea. [Read More]

Carrboro considers revising fowl laws

Carrboro considers revising fowl laws

The town may loosen its chicken ownership laws, allowing more people to keep birds on their property. [Read More]

Students take risks using fake IDs

A study found more than half of underage college students use fake IDs to buy alcohol, but police and ALE agents are trying to stop it. [Read More]

Study finds discrimination harms mental health

A new UNC study shows discrimination increases the risk of mental health issues in African Americans and Caribbean Blacks. [Read More]

Delays may end for LUX renters

Delays may end for LUX renters

The last tenants may finally be able to move next week into LUX Apartments, a new complex that's been plagued by construction delays. [Read More]

Sexual assault policy gets mixed reaction

Many students students remain either unaware or confused about UNC's new sexual assault policy, which changes the definition of "consent." [Read More]

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