Tuesday September 23rd 2014

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Police, family seek justice for Faith

Police, family seek justice for Faith

On the eve of the second anniversary of Faith Hedgepeth's death, newly released documents detail the police effort to find her killer. [Read More]

UNC reacts to new sexual assault policy

UNC has changed the way it responds to sexual assault, but the university will face scrutiny as it implements the 29 page policy. [Read More]

App turns smartphone into safety device

App turns smartphone into safety device

UNC is promoting a new phone app that aims to keep students safer. Yet, some students are unaware of it. [Read More]

Polk Place under construction

Polk Place under construction

Construction is underway on Polk Place, the center of UNC's campus. Some are upset over the change in scenery. [Read More]

Chuck Stone remembered as trailblazer, mentor

Members of the UNC community remembered Chuck Stone as a journalist who dedicated his life to chronicling the struggle for civil rights. [Read More]

Women lag behind in entrepreneurship

UNC has several programs to encourage student entrepreneurs, but female students are underrepresented. [Read More]

Contextual grading arrives at UNC

Student transcripts will include additional information that tells students how they performed in a class relative to everyone else. [Read More]

Seniors still trying to find jobs

UNC Career Services says the job market for this year’s grads might be slightly better than in recent years. [Read More]

Honor court makes changes

UNC reforms the honor court process in an effort to make it quicker and more efficient. [Read More]

UNC remembers Boston bombing

UNC remembers Boston bombing

A year after the Boston Marathon bombing, several UNC students and faculty members will be in Boston for this year's race. [Read More]

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