Wednesday December 17th 2014

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UNC accreditation up in the air

UNC waits to hear if revelations in the Wainstein report will jeopardize its accreditation and federal funding. [Read More]

UNC reports interpersonal violence stats

The new data sheds light on sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking among students. [Read More]

Young voters inactive in midterms

New voter laws may have been a factor in the low turnout of younger voters Tuesday. [Read More]

Student athletes struggle to balance sports, academics

UNC football's GPA fell to 2.121 after a reduction of paper classes in 2009. Is it possible to balance academics and big time sports? [Read More]

Chapel Hill housing ordinance puts many in trouble

A town ordinance has set limits on how many people can live in one home, and some UNC students been forced to move out of their homes. [Read More]

Students, faculty call on UNC to dig deeper on academic fraud

Students and faculty say UNC needs to go further to investigate fraud and restrain the influence of athletics. [Read More]

32,000 crowd Franklin St. for Halloween

The Halloween crowd was the largest since 2010. Police arrested 13 and closed roads into town to try to keep outsiders away. [Read More]

Last minute push for student votes

Last minute push for student votes

As the election approaches, groups make a final push to win student support for Congressional and legislative candidates. [Read More]

Student found dead in Park and Ride lot

Police and the SBI are investigating the death of nursing student Olutoyosi Layeni Fatolu. [Read More]

Wainstein finds widespread fraud

Wainstein finds widespread fraud

Kenneth Wainstein's report reveals UNC academic scandal affected more than 3000 students. [Read More]

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