Tuesday December 1st 2015

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UNC professor looks at relationship between race and police

Frank Baumgartner led a research team to sift through millions of records to understand the relationship between race and traffic stops. [Read More]

Surrogate families face legal obstacles

Surrogate families face legal obstacles

Same sex marriage is legal nationwide. But some couples face obstacles trying to start families of their own. [Read More]

What is the history of Silent Sam?

Following a week of intense controversy, we take a look at the origins of this monument. [Read More]

UNC settles down after hectic week of leadership changes

While some are pleased with the appointment of Margaret Spellings as UNC President, others are upset over the lack of transparency. [Read More]

Spellings picked to led UNC system

The former U.S. Secretary of Education is scheduled to take over next year as the UNC system's next President, after an acrimonious search. [Read More]

Concerns raised over UNC president election

After a 10-month search process, the UNC system has a new president, but not everyone is happy about the hiring process. [Read More]

What does Spellings bring to the UNC system?

Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute discusses Spellings' experience in education, and what her future might hold at UNC. [Read More]

Critics say monument disrespected

Critics say monument disrespected

Critics say a campus memorial in honor of slaves who helped build UNC is too easily overlooked. [Read More]

Groups clash on campus over Planned Parenthood, abortion

Planned Parenthood is a subject of national controversy, but some students rely on the organization for health care. [Read More]

UNC honors Nobel Prize winning professor

Professor Aziz Sancar's Nobel Prize in chemistry is a big moment for him. And his success could spill over to UNC and its students. [Read More]

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