Thursday November 26th 2015

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Protesters disrupt town hall on race

Protesters disrupt town hall on race

UNC held a town hall meeting to discuss race and inclusion on campus, but the start of the event was disrupted by protesters. [Read More]

Students say ‘microaggressions’ common at UNC

Students say ‘microaggressions’ common at UNC

“Microaggression” is a buzzword on many college campuses, especially in wake of the Mizzou protests. But what does this term mean? [Read More]

Board of Trustees discusses contextualizing campus history

A task force on UNC history presented a preliminary plan to address controversial campus landmarks. [Read More]

What’s next following Paris attack?

UNC professor Klaus Larres discuss how the global community is responding to ISIS and what may happen next. [Read More]

Two more UNC employees dismissed in paper class scandal

A year after the Wainstein report, two UNC employees have been dismissed and a third disciplined for their role in the athletic/academic scandal. [Read More]

Protesters criticize ‘systemic racism’ at UNC

After protests led to the Univ. of Missouri's president to resign, students at UNC and elsewhere are speaking out about racism. [Read More]

Athletes played key role in Mizzou protests

The Missouri protest gained prominence when football players joined in. It's not the first time college athletes have sparked change. [Read More]

Board of Governors give up records on closed-door meeting

In a hastily called meeting, the board voted unanimously to cough up records related to pay raises for UNC system chancellors. [Read More]

Anti-sanctuary city law prompts criticism, concerns

The new law preempts cities and towns like Chapel Hill and Durham from declaring themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. [Read More]

UNC investigates overuse of medication in assisted living

UNC researchers find 70 percent of assisted living facilities prescribe anti-psychotic drugs, many of which may not be necessary. [Read More]

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