Thursday October 23rd 2014

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McCrory seeks ‘healing’ after ruling

McCrory seeks ‘healing’ after ruling

In a Carolina Connection interview, the Governor said he'll implement the order that allowed same-sex marriage, though he disagrees with it. [Read More]

Gov. McCrory speaks at University Day

As Gov. Pat McCrory speaks at University Day, some faculty are skeptical about his ideas on higher education. [Read More]

Climate change debate shifts focus

Concern about climate change has sparked activism from students and others, but policy change is moving slowly. [Read More]

Towing law continues to confuse

Towing law continues to confuse

Chapel Hill and Carrboro recently were forced to update their towing ordinances, removing clauses that some residents wish were kept in. [Read More]

Hong Kong protests threaten UNC connections

As protests rage on in Hong Kong, how do these actions affect UNC’s different connections to the city? [Read More]

UNC students combat mental illness

The first full week in October is Mental Health Awareness Week, and UNC students are working on educating others on the dangers signs of suicide. [Read More]

Charges against UNC tutor dropped

Orange County district attorney Jim Woodall dropped criminal charges against former UNC tutor Jennifer Wiley Thompson. [Read More]

Social media policy guides student atheletes

UNC restricts what its student athletes can say -- or tweet -- on social media. But legal scholars see some potential problems. [Read More]

Can smartphone use lead to addiction?

Cell phones are everywhere, and researchers at Baylor University say some college students are addicted to their phones. [Read More]

Salaries discourage some from seeking, keeping teaching jobs

This summer, N.C. teachers received a pay increase. But low salaries are making some UNC education majors reconsider their careers. [Read More]

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